IndiEarth Out There: Clown With A Frown

“When we first did the song, it was nothing like what it is today. And since then it’s changed a whole lot – we have a feeling it’s going to change again tomorrow”.

The song is Escape, and the band is Clown With The Frown – and their words couldn’t ring truer. Since their performance of this song live on IndiEarth Out There, much has changed for the act – they currently boast a new line up including Keerthana Sudarshan and Hannah Elizabeth Mathews on vocals, and their sound has taken various interesting twists and turns along their sonic journey. Their influences however still stay heavily rooted in the likes of artists including Chic, Kool And The Gang, and Jamiroquai, while their USP is a brass section that includes a trombone played Rahul Joshua Thomas and Kavya Lakshminarayanan on the trumpet – what lead the young act to coin the term ‘alternative brass rock’ when referring to their sound.

Here they are now with the original line up including Abigail Attavar – Vocals; Jonathan Reuben – Guitar; Reuben Jacob – Guitar; Abheet Anand – Bass; Pramod Pratap – Percussion; Kavya Lakshminarayanan – Trumpet; and Rahul Thomas – Trombone – performing Escape, live loud and funky on IndiEarth Out There. Click below for some good ol’ fashioned funk rock!

Written by: Abigail Attavar
Composed By: Clown With A Frown

Abigail Attavar: Vocals
Jonathan Reuben: Guitar
Reuben Jacob: Guitar
Abheet Anand: Bass
Pramod Pratap: Percussion
Kavya Lakshminarayanan: Trumpet
Rahul Thomas: Trombone


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